Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday Service

“Give thanks to the Lord, His Love endures forever” Psalm 136

How can we show our thanks? We can think of helping others and our Harvest Thanksgiving gives us this opportunity by allowing us to help particular places that care for those in need such as:

The Lodging House Mission, Kirkhaven (run by Cross Reach),
Glasgow City Mission, Women’s Aid (Bishopbriggs),
RNIB (BIshopbriggs), Marie Curie (Huntershill) and
Callieburn Court Care Home

All donations are welcome though some specific items have been requested:

Tinned goods – soups, meat, fish(tuna/salmon), meat balls, hot dogs, macaroni, haggis, ravioli, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, mixed vegetables, baked beans, potatoes.
Tinned fruit, rice and custard.
Jars – pasta bake, curry sauce, curry paste
Salt and pepper, curry powder
Jam, sugar, tea and coffee
Tomato sauce, brown sauce, vinegar, tomato paste
Broth mix, dried peas, lentils, vegetable oil, stock cubes, Bisto.
Sweets, biscuits, fresh fruit, diluting juice

Note: small ring pull cans of food and small packets of cereal are particularly useful to give to those who are outside all day.
Mars bars and similar chocolate bars are also welcome and are a good source of energy.

On Saturday 21st September, the Church will be open from 10am until 11am, when the members of the Flower Committee will be present to receive any donations of produce.

Gifts can be brought to the Church on Sunday morning. There will also be an open plate in the Hall of fellowship for any monetary donations.

After the Service, the goods will be packed ready to be delivered to the appropriate places to be put to good use. If anyone can help with the delivering, if not on Sunday, maybe Monday or perhaps another day?

Thank you for your support

Anne Harvey,
on behalf of the Flower Committee