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Happy New Year


A cheque for £1,423.14 has been sent to UNICEF.
Thanks are extended to everyone who contributed for their generosity,
and a special thanks to the team of counters for their help.

Merry Christmas

Sunday School & Bible Wayfinders Nativity Service








Springfield Festival Chorus & Orchestra December 2017

Springfield Festival Junior Chorus

First Sunday in Advent 3rd December 2017

Thank you to all for the gifts received at the Service today.


Nativity Scene and
Christmas tree in
Hall of Fellowship

Remembrance Sunday


Boys’ Brigade & Girls’ Brigade Dedication Service


Christian Aid Lunch




Our Christian Aid lunch raised the fantastic sum of £675.

Heartfelt thanks to is extended to the Fund Raising Group for organising this event, and to all volunteers and supporters.


Harvest Sunday 17th September 2017

A big “THANK YOU” to everyone who contributed to the Harvest Thanksgiving Service.
The sum of £393 has been donated to Crossreach over and above the donations of fruit, flowers, tins etc.