Author: Carol Scott

Newsletter – 18th September 2020

I write to share with you some of our plans to re-open the Church building in line with Government and Church of Scotland advice. The Kirk Session has now agreed to reopen the main sanctuary for Sunday worship on Sunday the 27th of September. We are just waiting on final approval from Presbytery to do […]


The decision has been made not to produce an August issue of our church magazine. No new date has been put in place. Rather, once the period for the reopening of our church has been established, we will align next magazine publication to that period. The Newsletter can be found under the heading News & […]

‘Natural Resources’

Often you will hear people speak of ‘natural resources’ to refer to the likes of things such as water, forests, land. But there is another more even more precious natural resource – human relationships. I am certain that love and social connection matter more than anything else in life. The priority of such relationships is […]

Easter Day Communion Service

After our Easter Morning Service, there will a second Short Service of Holy Communion, so if you would like to join us at the Lord’s Table, please prepare your own table with bread and wine and click here and join us. There is an Order of Service online, with our Communion hymn and optional responses. […]

**Springfield Cambridge Church is closed**

In light of the Prime Minister’s statement and Government advice this evening, Monday 23rd March 2020, Springfield Cambridge Church is closed until further notice. Further news and updates can be found through our social media platforms.

COVID 19 update from our Minister

Often when parishioners are having a hard time I will end by saying something like, “Hang in there, keep the faith, and breathe!” Now I am wondering if in these unusual and uncertain times I should simply be saying, “Take a deep breath and pray. “ That’s what I say to myself often these days. […]

Thank You :-)

What Santa’s little helpers do after Christmas. A huge thank you to our “Elves”.