Christmas is coming!

At a recent Chaplaincy Team meeting for our Bishopbriggs Academy Christmas Service, the Chaplains were planning what to do this year. Each year it seems to me that Christmas comes around ever faster, and I have to begin my preparations earlier than I would like. We always like to review the TV ad campaigns of some of the country’s leading stores to see if there is anything topical that can give us a fresh angle to share with the school community. Even if that means explaining to the young people that before Elbow sang a particular song, the Beatles sang it first! There is truly nothing new under the sun.

And of course, at this point of the year, we see less of the sun each passing day as we move towards the shortest day just before Christmas. On dark November and December evenings I like nothing better than to draw the curtains, as if to shut out the darkness, and settle down in the Manse to relax, reading or watching the TV. Of course, that isn’t always possible, there are always meetings to attend and people to visit and tasks to be done. So, I must venture out into the darkness, against my better judgement.

However, as we move into the season of Advent I remind myself that Christmas is coming. The one for whom we have long awaited will return. “The light,” as St. John puts it, “shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.” That gives me hope and makes those bleak evenings when I must venture out seem so much more bearable. Christ is coming! And through him grace and truth shall come and we will have reason to celebrate and rejoice. Again I say rejoice! The Lord is coming!