Author: Ian Taylor

…here’s looking at you

In my old barbers, as I sat in the barber’s chair looking at my reflection in the mirror, there was a small notice pinned to the top right corner, which read something like this: “Everyone brings joy to this shop some when they enter… others when they leave…” On Wednesday mornings during my Vestry hour, […]

We lay our broken world

In Church Hymnary 4 there is a lovely hymn (721) by Anna Briggs, entitled, “We lay our broken world” which is also the opening line. The hymn opens with a reflection on the state of our world, and an understanding that we must bring our brokenness to God. Looking around our present world, it would […]

In my spare time…

In my spare time I like to listen to popular music and occasionally still go to the odd ‘rock concert.’ Recently I was at the SSE Hydro to see Take That and I was recounting my concert experiences to one of our Elders who was explaining that after a Coldplay gig he’d been at (who […]


The original deadline date for articles for this magazine was the 23rd of April. On that day the 37th London Marathon was held. In the lead up to this event there was a lot of press coverage around issues of mental health. The principal charity for this year’s race was The Heads Together Campaign. The […]

We are watching?

Sunday night time TV viewing in the Manse has recently been dominated by two ‘medical’ drama programmes whose current series ended on March 12th. In “Call the Midwife”, all of human life is played out through the adaptation of the memoirs of Jennifer Worth set in East London in the last century. In the “The […]

Faith in humility

Recently I attended a meeting where we were asked to share memories of a friend and colleague who had died after a very short illness at the end of last year. Michael was a man whom I had not known for terribly long, but during our friendship he made a lasting impression upon me. He […]

Welcome Home

The picture above was the image that greeted my return to your midst on January 1st. 2017. What a wonderful, colourful welcome you extended to me as I came home after a four month absence. Included on the welcome banner, were a series of luggage tags with personal messages inscribed by many of you, members of the congregation.

You have never travelled on this path before…

On the 14th of November I returned to the Fracture Clinic at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the doctor was pleased with my progress and after an examination advised me that my tendon has healed, albeit it is weak, which was to be expected.

One small step…

I continue to make progress in my recovery. I have now had my cast replaced by a ‘boot’ (but not a football one) which I am sporting until the 14th of November. However given the serious nature of my injury my GP would not allow me to travel to the Belgium Battlefields with Bishopbriggs Academy and when I last saw him he signed me off for a further 4 weeks until a case review on the 1st of November.

Have you Heard the News?

Many of you I am sure will have heard of my football injury. On the 29th of August, whilst playing 5-a-side, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. The following day I had my left leg set in a full length cast for seven days. Following that I was then given a half cast from below the knee for four weeks. When that comes off I will then be seen sporting a ‘boot’ (but not a football one ever again) for six weeks!