Have you Heard the News?

Many of you I am sure will have heard of my football injury. On the 29th of August, whilst playing 5-a-side, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. The following day I had my left leg set in a full length cast for seven days. Following that I was then given a half cast from below the knee for four weeks. When that comes off I will then be seen sporting a ‘boot’ (but not a football one ever again) for six weeks!

Initially I had continued to work after my injury but on the 6th of September my GP signed me off for 4 weeks until the 4th of October. I am hopeful that once the cast is off and the ‘boot’ is on I may be allowed to perform some ‘light duties’ as I will be limited in terms of my mobility and unable to drive for some time. However, that decision will not be mine to make but rather the GP.

For a long while I have had a period of Study Leave arranged from 9th to 23rd October; during which time I was scheduled to go on a tour of the Battlefields in Belgium with Staff and Pupils of Bishopbriggs Academy as School Chaplain. At this point I am unsure as to whether my GP will deem me fit to travel.

In the meantime, I have become quite inventive in getting around and doing things in the Manse. I am trying to occupy my time by reading, catching up on paperwork and resting. I am also working hard on the virtue of patience although I am sure my family would say that I am only succeeding in trying theirs!

I am grateful to those of you who have sent me cards, good wishes, gifts, phoned, visited and provided me with transport when required.

I have been reminded once again of the understanding that the Christian faith does not call us to be dependent or independent but interdependent. Thank you all for your help and continuing prayers. I miss you all and I hope and pray that I will be back among you soon.

I leave you with this image and thought a colleague shared with me when he was recovering from surgery…